Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)

Rutger’s WRSU had a custom vision in mind for a recent studio renovation. An ergonomic feel for student announcers and DJ’s, alongside an equipment presentation that shows pride in the representation of the student body. A robust 24 fader SAS iSL console was chosen as the primary on air surface. A backup studio with a mirroring 24 fader iSL and additional production facilities with a mixture of modular Ruby-T mini consoles were chosen for phase one of the build out. Dante AoIP /AES67 is used throughout the station in both Bravo! audio engines and the CORE64 router in the TOC. All configuration was achieved using SAS’ easy to access HTML GUI on each engine. The student staff were insistent on the incorporation of the school’s Scarlet color and SAS delivered with a custom matched, Scarlet colored console.

US Military Academy (West Point, NY)

West Point's history as the educational launching pad of hundreds of years of America's military leadership required precission and quality for the school's student operated radio station. West Point officials chose DNAV as the integration company to lead the charge! The installation included two consoles and new furniture. An SAS Rio Bravo was used as the central I/O engine for the technical operations center. Studios were kept sleek with one rack unit SAS nucleus engines. Several hundred Dante channels are available facility wide to satisfy both radio, web streaming and live TV streaming broadcasts. A custom coded macro was written into the SAS software to meet TV broadcast obligations to restrict or allow the broadcast over the radio or network for Army Football games.

Jim Rome Studios (Los Angeles, CA)

Jim Rome’s new broadcast facility is open with a fresh look with a turn-key install by DNAV. The new studio features a TV and Radio broadcast set, custome programmed to function in both broadcast roles, utilizing an all Dante AoIP plateform. An SAS iSL console with Stratos technology allows for video and audio changes simultanously via HTML5 interfaces fed from SAS's Rio BRAVO audio engine. The console fits the sleek look of the new studio with with custom Midnight Black anodized metalwork. Using only two rack spaces, DNAV capitalized on Dante and SAS technology to provide 96 inputs and outputs, alongside 64 Dante AoIP channels to feed TV and radio networks.  Rome’s custom desktop turret was built to spec to satisfy the fingertip reach needs of Jim Rome in the hot chair.

Viva Media (Amarillo,TX)

Viva Media's nationally syndicated Hacker Morning show and air staff worked with the DNAV team to custom design a 10,000 square foot, audio, podcasting and vlog studio. Viva's television and radio properties were consolated into remodeled building in downtown Amarillo. Four studios designed to route audio and video to the web, syndication stream or TV took the showcase in Phase One of the DNAV build. The new studios utilize SAS Core64 Routing solution with long distance audio provided via KEL Codec Cards. Up to 10 markets can receive a variety of codec delivered audio simultaniously per card. The studios use a mixture of Nucleus and Rio Bravo engines, with SAS Luna 12/8 hardware for I/O duties in podcast and mix studios. More than 200 Dante channels are in use across the facility with dual redundancy built in.