Designing and building a broadcast facility is hard work.  Our team of broadcast and IT engineers , facility designers and manufacturing partners provide the resources radio, television and network operators need to make vital decisions which will impact ratings and provide a solution to clearly communicate a brand message.  Our commitment to an individualize solution for each project projects beyond hardware, with 24/7 support and training, with the human touch necessary to make your job easier.

Higher learning requires staying ahead of the curve with the knowledge to support the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.  A future-flexible approach is taken with project types that vary from student operated radio stations to concert halls and remote participation events. Our team is constantly evolving with input from past and current clients.  DNAV can work alongside grant authors and assist in helping you reach your goals with budget in mind.

From smaller, direct A/V solutions to comprehensive design and installation that captivate the spoken word and performance driven worship, DNAV provides fully scalable solutions for all Houses of Worship.  Our experience comes full circle with solutions for mobile setup in rented spaces and turnkey installation for hundreds to thousands.

Changes in the landscape of shopping  and dining, with the consideration of social distancing, requires the need to offer customers dynamic solutions.  Remote outlets with USB adaptation, wireless payments and mobile applications are top level examples of solutions we’ve integrated for customers.  Traditional applications such as video menus and drive-thru media, speakers and architectural lighting are also available with complete installation and training.

DNAV ‘s  team has extensive experience in audio engineering, acoustical design and component work required to customize or upgrade recording facilities large and small.   

Sports facilities needs are constantly evolving.  DNAV has integrated audio and video routing solutions in a number of professional, college and high school facilities.  Utilizing technical knowhow from broadcast and live production experience, DNAV can develop a custom solution for arenas, auditoriums and smart buildings.  Contact DNAV today to learn more about safety, performance and streaming.