First Southern Baptist Church Technology Upgrade

What We Delivered

Each week the First Southern Baptist Church spreads it’s message to churchgoers through stage based narratives.  The FSBC chose DNAV to expand it’s technological capabilities through a major sound, light, video and network upgrade.
Utilizing Dante Audio Over IP and NDI Video Over IP and a custom architected Layer 3 network, the FSBC now encompasses the congregation with live worship music, referenced recorded messages and the ability to reach further with podcast and live streaming capabilities.
Each worship room within the church can now access discreet 4k video and HD quality audio on demand.  Custom digital signage welcomes guests throughout the building.  Sennheiser digital microphones, Bose Panaray column speakers, SAS Dante Routing and Soundcraft console provide key audio infrastructure.  Elation LED lighting and Artnet IP control provide dynamic scene transitions.  PTZ cameras with NDI streaming record each sermon, stream live to various worship rooms and remote viewers.