WJFF - Honesdale, Pennsylvania

What We Delivered

Remote Studio Update
DNAV was tasked with updating WJFF’s satellite studio in the historic Cooperage Project in Honesdale, Pennsylvania to a modern Audio Over IP console using an SAS Nucleus and M Class console.
Hundreds of feet of old audio cabling, an ailing console and a host of adapters and Y cables were removed.
The challenge of a remote studio is not only the connection to the main studio but also the ability to remotely address any changes and updates.  Using the web GUI of the SAS routing system allows unrivalled flexibility to make changes on the fly depending on the use of the studio that day, whether for music, talk and interviews or broadcasts of the live performances happening one floor below.
Console and Routing: SAS
PC Audio: Dante Virtual Sound Card
Furniture:  Studio Technology
DNAV wires