WXXI - Rochester Public Radio

Updated Audio Routing System

WXXI AM/FM/TV is the pillar of public broadcasting and local information in the Lake Ontario region of Upstate New York.  DNAV was commissioned to research, plan and turn-key and updated audio routing system for the broadcast facility.

All audio elements of the WXXI audio plant were transitioned from an analog mode to AoIP using Dante.  Core64 high density routers provide the central distribution for the technical operations, with stand-alone SAS Nucleus engines and Stratos consoles operating each of the broadcast stations.  Native SAS intercom is distributed throughout the facility using Dante AoIP via ICM32 rack mount modules.  Calrec and Avid audio desks tie into the SAS Dante system natively.  SMPTE 2110 clock is passed via SAS which doubles as a distribution timecode system and Grand Master Clock.  Enco automation provides audio playback and interacts via IP with SAS for complete control and macro driven events.